Not Sleepy In Seattle

Two documents from the American Federation of Teachers meeting worth checking out are Bill Gates’ speech to the AFT in Seattle (pdf) and Randi Weingarten’s speech to the delegates (pdf). Close reading rewarded in different ways both speeches are very important in some subtle and not subtle ways.  Press clips here for local coverage and here for the invaluable Sawchuk.  Also, some video of the goings on around opposition to the Gates appearance.  It’s being circulated as a shame on Randi video by her detractors in the union but I don’t think that’s the takeaway at all, she comes off looking like the responsible ringmaster host trying to be gracious for an invited guest.

Understory: So the unelected government spoke to the AFT but not the elected one?  Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in Seattle for an event with Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) same time as the convention, but no appearance.  Slight or signal, or both?

Standing disc: The BMGF supports Bellwether.

2 Replies to “Not Sleepy In Seattle”

  1. “the unelected government”

    I wish I said that. I’ll definitely borrow your phrase.

    I wonder how often your words will be repeated by others who need the disclaimer “The BMGF supports …(us).”

  2. I saw Ms. Weingarten’s remarks as pointed, and ridiculing the AFT members she ostensibly represents. After a bunch of AFT teachers broke into “Na Na Na Goodbye,” Ms. Weingarten said something like, “That’s why I love these people.” to Bill Gates.

    Frankly, it’s the job of a chair to keep order, not to ridicule or encourage ridicule of members. While the UFT may be able to keep a hold on its members by forcing them to sign a loyalty oath or deny participation, that does not preclude free thought on the part of other AFT members. They can be called out of order.

    However, those who sang and ridiculed the protesters would then also be called out of order.

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