2 Replies to “More Gates!”

  1. what exactly did bill gates say?

    seems to me the wsj wanted to paraphrase his comments a bit more than they actually wanted to print them.

    all we get from gates’ mouth is:

    “I’m very much against that”; “fraudulent” ; “says ‘yes’ doesn’t feel any pain at all” ; and “accounting fraud”

    he could have been talking about anything the way this article took these ‘comments’ and added the context it wanted.

  2. So we need to let retired teachers starve in order to fund education? We couldn’t just cut military spending or raise taxes on the super rich? Of course not! That would make all the super rich at Aspen upset!

    I’m not a knee-jerk opponent of all “reform” efforts, but if the WSJ editorial page is on your side, chances are you aren’t fighting the good fight.

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