It’s National Chili Dog Day! But For Breakfast: Scrambled CW

Short version of some takeaways from today’s Ed Insider on ESEA are in this tweet.

Two big takeaways are the substantial misalignment on the issues between reformers, the admin, and Congress on some key issues.   But data for pro-and anti-reform types to take comfort in.  Systemic reform more likely to have support than some of the leading-edge reforms.  In other words, one plausible reason No Child Left Behind is still in place is because it’s pretty widely credited among those in positions of influence.  Specifically:

  • Insiders believe we may not see a final ESEA bill until the end of 2011, but more than 40% believe it could be 2012 or later.
  • There is less support in Congress for advancing charter schools, Common Core Standards, and other reforms in ESEA then many advocates have assumed.
  • Insiders believe there is more support in Congress for Supplemental Education Services and online learning then what the conventional wisdom has suggested.
  • More than 90% of the Insiders believe that the Recovery Act funds actually slowed the pace for reauthorization.
  • More than 80% of Insiders approve of the Obama Administration’s handling of education issues.

There is a webinar at 2pm today to discuss the complete results and analysis about what they mean going forward.

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