Gym Rats?

Even if you only follow the issue casually, you shouldn’t miss the Fordham Foundation analysis of state standards and common core standards. But, before everyone goes gaga about the rate of adoption, as impressive as it is all things considered,  bear in mind that the real action on this is going to be around what it ultimately means to participate. In other words, questions around assessments, cut scores on those assessments, governance and so forth.

We’re still at the point where this is mostly akin to joining a gym. We are not yet at the point where the workouts are defined.

2 Replies to “Gym Rats?”

  1. Great analogy!

    You go to the gym and work on your biceps, then your legs, you admire your definition in the mirror and on the way out you drop dead because you eat junk food and never go outside or engage in real sports that exercise your whole body.

  2. I see that Vermont got an F for its math standards, yet it ranks No. 4 among states in the fourth-grade math NAEP scale scores and No. 3 in the eighth-grade math NAEP scale scores.

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