Dollars In Albany, Feet On The Ground

In the WSJ they laud the pro-charter money being raised in New York.   But this can be deceiving, the money teachers’ unions throw into political races really isn’t that significant right now (although that could change with the new rules).  The power comes from the ability to knock on doors, phone bank, etc…that’s the big deal.

RiShawn Biddle says reformers need to wake up to that and get more in the organizing game. He’s right and this is one place philanthropy could do a lot more.  There are some great groups in the space now nationally and in the states (Bellwether works with one, Stand for Children).

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  1. Andy,
    The board of any nonprofit foundation has to think of potential directors and officers liability lawsuits arising from conflict with their charter. A too-liberal interpretation of guiding principles on a widespread basis could spark an investigation. (The first such that happened was the George F. Harding Museum in Chicago where the directors sold off parts of the collection for lavish meetings.)

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