But I Thought All Charter Schools Were Sweatshops….

YES Prep*, a Houston-based charter management network, has been named one of the “Best Places to Work in Houston,” by Houston Business Journal–the first time any public school or school system has made the list. And they’re hiring.

*disclosure: Bellwether Education Partners is proud to claim YES Prep as an organization we work with.

2 Replies to “But I Thought All Charter Schools Were Sweatshops….”

  1. Love your comment JSP!!! LMAO. I did a short stint as a special education teacher within a cyber charter school. Let me tell you- they pretend to pay and the teachers pretend to work in a system that is all about profits for the educational managment companies. Never mind what their “mission statement” says, EMC care only for profits and the “nonelected” board provision for charter schools in many states compounds the problem immensely. The “nonelected” boards often end up being lick ’em stick ’em guys that approve expenditures including above (sometimes significantly) average salaries for administrative staff, and huge fees to the managment company. All of this is legal (at least in PA) and it is appalling.

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