Unexcused Absence

WaPo chastises DC Mayor Fenty for skipping Monday’s education debate and RiShawn Biddle turns in a must-read about it. Underlying theme of both:  Why?  He’s got a good story to tell.

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  1. By standing up YEP-DC and DC voters interested in education he lost my vote. I saw Fenty campaigning on 15th St. yesterday near Logan Circle. He had this scowl on his face. The guy cannot stand voters and now, the feeling is mutual.

  2. Put yet another way… He appears to be distancing himself from the increasingly unpopular Michele Rhee after she was accused of blatantly lying to get her way in union negotiations.

  3. From Biddle’s puddle:
    Thanks to Rhee, Fenty has succeeded in reversing the decades-long slide into the academic and systemic abyss.

    Oh really, by what measurement?
    NAEP scores, as I have posted here several times, have increased over the decade in DCPS (most predating Miss Rhee).
    In fact, the most recent set show the performance of African Americans has declined, the very ones Miss Rhee (and the other professional educational “reformers”) are seeking to improve.

    But, written like a true professional education “reformer”:
    Don’t let the facts get in your way.

    Baltimore Miracle Redux.

  4. PS. Miss Rhee is hinting she might leave and forget about the kids if Fenty loses.

  5. Who threatens to take their marbles and leave if she doesn’t get her way? Michelle Rhee. Good riddance.

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