Truth Stranger Than Fiction II

Pretty sure you don’t learn this one at the Broad Academy…(BB can you confirm?)  Is it even possible to overstate how bad things are for kids in Detroit are right now?  This is the leadershipFrom Detroit via the Detroit News:

The scene setter:

One day after facing accusations of fondling himself, Detroit Public Schools President Otis Mathis wrote a letter to colleagues today blaming “ongoing health problems” for his “poor judgment.”

The letter, which attempted to rescind his resignation he submitted Thursday, doesn’t explicitly address accusations from Superintendent Teresa Gueyser that he touched himself during a private meeting.

The oh wow moment:

The letter to colleagues came the same day board Vice President Anthony Adams today released a two-page letter from Gueyser accusing Mathis of fondling himself during a meeting this week. She called it his “usual habit” during one-on-one meetings. She said she tries to ignore it.

“On many occasions, I have asked him not to touch himself,” she wrote in the letter dated Wednesday.

The jaw hit floor moment:

Board member Reverend David Murray called the allegations “a terrible thing” but said he doesn’t believe the 55-year-old Mathis should quit.

“It happens to a lot of young men. They engage in behavior they feel is harmless and it’s offensive to certain people,” Murray said. “… It could be deemed offensive, but some women are more sensitive to those types of things than others.”

“I feel bad for him because he probably felt that it was something she would probably like or she got humor out of it.”

2 Replies to “Truth Stranger Than Fiction II”

  1. It takes real effort to be SO dysfunctional that your achievement data makes DC’s look great. This stuff doesn’t happen by accident.

  2. Yes, I can absolutely confirm that this meeting strategy is not taught at The Broad Superintendents Academy. Thankfully Emergency Financial Manager and Academy graduate Robert Bobb brings a different set of skills.

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