Truth Stranger Than Fiction I

A lot going on in this curtain raiser for the new president of the Chicago Teachers Union.  Here’s one:

AFT President Randi Weingarten has collaborated with Race to the Top and other White House education initiatives, even at the cost of retreating from the union’s opposition to merit pay and defense of tenure as the basis for teacher job security. But the election in the CTU–the third largest teachers’ union local in the U.S.–is a clear signal that rank-and-file teachers have different priorities.

3 Replies to “Truth Stranger Than Fiction I”

  1. Randi’s on Bloomberg’s payroll and in Hillary’s bed. She sold her sole and stole from the people she was supposed to be the voice of and the supporter and defender for, in order to get her own needs met. What a criminal she turned out to be! She should be forced to refund the UFT fees she’s received while in office as an incompetent, and a traitor, like Obama and others. They are major disappointments!

  2. Former President Marilyn Stewart sounds much like George Parker of the Washington Teachers Union, who has done his best not to run a union.

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