Locked Up?

NYT’s Dillon checks-in on Locke high and the debate over the costs -though I suspect that’s not the reason there is a lot of opposition to this.

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  1. Do you suspect the opposition comes from the teachers’ unions? That’s who I would assume but for the fact that Green Dot’s teachers and classified staff belong to the California Teachers Association.

    Both others might benefit from this unaffordability argument: some school boards and California Republicans, among others.

  2. Who is providing “a lot” of opposition to this? Could someone provide some links?


  3. Interesting. If Locke has 3200 students and spent $15,000 over two years to turn it around, that’s a cost of about $4687.50 per pupil over those two years. Meanwhile, private schools charge $27,000 tuition or more, and insist none of their costs are inflated. I must be missing something. When asked about “scalability”, Geoffey Canada asks why doesn’t anyone ever ask whether spending $30,000 or more per inmate is “scalable”?

    Also, in an article whose central theme is the question of whether a turnaround is worth its costs, isn’t it some sort of journalistic malpractice not to (1) give a rough per pupil estimate, like I did, (2) compare that to current per pupil costs in California and the combined amount compared to average per pupil costs in other states, and (3) compare the costs to the costs of reduced earnings, imprisonment and more, that the kids may suffer?

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