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  1. I think the DC contract is a step in the right direction. As a former NYC educator, I found it very disheartening that horrendous teachers who had tenure could not be removed from the classroom or fired. As a parent whose child may one day end up in a public school classroom, I feel that it is imperative that school districts get the best teachers possible to teach the up and coming generation.

  2. I teach in Alberta, Canada. I too am disheartened by the poor quality in some of our local teachers who should have retired twenty years ago. As a teacher I was aware of colleagues that were merely putting in time, but it wasn’t until my son started school that I really paid attention.

    As a parent of a child in a classroom with a teacher who has no business working with children, I would appreciate a differentiated compensation system. This just might go a long way in culling the bad ones from the system.

    I was, however, surprised by the target of $100,000 salary as noted in the article. This is absolutely not sustainable here. It is deserved and would be justified, but it is not sustainable.

    Unfortunately, I am quite certain that the public in my district and infact entire province, would be so appalled with such a salary for teachers that it would be political suicide for a school board to sanction same.

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