All The Piscalnator That’s Fit To Print!

Piscal on CBS.  Video is here and text is here.

Piscal on Stanford’s charter school.

2 Replies to “All The Piscalnator That’s Fit To Print!”

  1. So does Piscal have a high performing school where 78% of the students are ELL? When an education story sets up an explicit comparison, it should back it up with fact.

    I’m so sick of magic sauce stories.

  2. Thanks Bob!
    Most of the ELL’s we work with in CA were born in the US but lack academic English skills. Why is this happening? Condemning experienced teachers or tweaking test scores hasn’t solved the dropout crisis.
    Hopefully very soon we will be able to stop the wringing of hands and the blame game.
    1. Do we need to look at teaching children in their home language until they have developed an academic language then transition the students to English?
    2. How can the use of technology + tutoring of parents build confidence and improve the quality of the home language. Parents want their children to have school success. They are conflicted about the language they should use. Brothers and sisters are using a street version of English and parents often only use one or two word commands. Sadly parents are using a better quality of language with other adults but not their children. There are so many misunderstandings.
    3. When will we ever learn? Education takes public support, teamwork, tracking, testing and immediate feedback. Standardized testing would never have helped me learn to play tennis. I would have been a fast dropout. I have needed lots of tutoring, coaching, patience and practice.

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