Interesting op-ed on this for-profit schooling issue from NY where this is being hotly debated.  Over at NJ the debate this week was on the same topic.

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  1. call me naive, but i need some help making sense of this for-profit debate. i need the why? question answered.

    why would a for-profit school help kids above its shareholders economic interest?

    and, if it wouldn’t, then why should we, the citizens, support it as an option for schooling?

    in the nypost article, the writer lists as a reason to support for-profit schools as:

    “We accessed capital in ways most not-for-profit operators can’t match. With astonishing speed, NHA raised millions to transform our wretched wreck of a building into a state-of-the-art school”

    why were they able to access this capital? what, if any, deals were made at the expense of the students and the taxpayers?

    it all just seems too convenient.

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