Marguerite Roza and Cristina Sepe take a look at how last in-first out policies impact poor and minority students (pdf).

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  1. Yet you fail to cite the Gross and Goldhaber paper that contradicts your beliefs on this issue. That is not what someone who wants to know the TRUTH would do, but rather what a person who cared only about profits would do. You aren’t about the kids, just about your own bottom-line.

  2. I sincerely believe you cannot measure this phenomenon–correlation, perhaps somewhat, but not causation. One can, however, interpret numbers, just like words, to say what we already believe is so. Also believe it’s not about caring only about profits. Just that very human propensity for making up your mind and then setting the world in accord with that vision with a concrete mentality. And how do we work with that to shape the best education opportunities for our kids and schools?

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