Johnstons At Work

In Colorado the AFT has endorsed the Mike Johnston teacher evaluation bill. Noteworthy.   Stand for Children’s* Colorado chapter working that one hard.

In Connecticut the legislature passed some education changes in the 11th hour to help that state’s Race to the Top chances.  ConnCan working hard on that one.

Update: The latest from Denver.

*Bellwether works with Stand for Children.

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  1. Fine print: “CEA spokeswoman Deborah Fallin says she is not surprised AFT supports the bill because that union’s concerns are with only one Colorado district.”

    Still noteworthy?

    And, it’s still a bad bill. Not because of the tenure and firing part but because it does not spell out details and where it does, it uses figures like 50% of a teacher’s eval will be based on scores without anyone explaining why that percentage makes sense. Really, check it out. Because it is so vague, that reality may in fact doom it once Colorado tries to put it into real circulation. Like lawsuits.

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