Hot Joe

NYT catches up with Joe Williams and what he’s up to. It’s a must-read.  (Disc. I’m a DFER board member).

Update: One thread you’re hearing this morning in reax to this story is a lot of how awful it is these rich people are involved in schools and ‘how do we know the schools these hedge fund types are starting are any good?’ kind of chatter.   That’s a political attack but actually not a big issue, they’re overwhelmingly very good places for kids and are posting good results.   Hardly as surprise, they’re serious, intentional and well-resourced places.

The more subtle issue that does require thoughtful attention is the lack of community resources in many communities to open similar schools.   Even in New York some very good charter struggle to get traction and attention (read political and financial support) in the way that some name-brand ones can.  That’s absolutely not a reason to oppose these schools or lob bombs over the fence at them as too many do.  Rather, it should occasion some serious conversations about diversity, strategy, leadership, building capacity, and talent pipelines and how to build those elements in a durable way.

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  1. Yeah–its real hard to have a good school when you cherry-pick kids and then shove the underachievers out the door.

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