Three’s A Trend?

Teachers’ unions in a bunch of states, most recently CO, IN, and MA fighting hard on Race to the Top.   MN, too, now don’t ya know.  But while everyone is focused on the trivial issue of musical chairs at the recent state hearing there, an actual debate is brewing…

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  1. It’s not like Massachusetts and Minnesota have far to go to get to the top in math. It’s been a couple of years and nobody seems to want to know about how they got there.

  2. I liked the good old days when Presidents of the Chamber of Commerce like Olson were against the massive intrusion of federal dollars and mandates inherent to RTTT and would stand up for local control even if it meant siding with a union or two.

  3. Indiana will not apply a second time for a piece of the $4.4 billion pot of federal “Race to the Top” education reform money because state officials could not secure union support.
    Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett, who last summer lauded the state’s chances of scoring big bucks from the program, announced Thursday that he would stop efforts under way to write an application.

    Without support from teachers unions, he said, it wasn’t worth the state’s time to apply again
    and this Bennett said, “and I promise to make sure discussions between (the state) and the unions are transparent to all stakeholders.”

    That last line would be funny if it wasn’t for Mr. Bennett’s intellectual dishonesty. As I previously reposted at Eduwonk, he wanted the teachers to sign on without seeing his plan.
    Now he promises to be transparent.

    Such honesty.
    He must be a product of the Stanford school of education.

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