They’re Trying To Wash Us Away…

LA raising questions about RTT scoring. Look for more of this…I’m surprised we haven’t heard more from GA…

3 Replies to “They’re Trying To Wash Us Away…”

  1. On GA, it looks like one reviewer was about 50pts higher than the rest and one reviewer was about 15pts lower than the rest…seems like they had one pretty generous reviewer rather than being taken out by one low reviewer.

  2. Haven’t had a chance to look through all states’ data, but Louisiana seems to have a good reason to be upset. While 4 reviewers maintained comparable scores, 1 lone reviewer consistently scored LA much lower across most measures. The spread is quite large. Certainly looks to be an inter-rater reliability issue at first blush. Seems worthwhile to ask some questions before round 2 is in full swing.

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