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Core knowledge:  E.D. Hirsch reviews Ravitch in The New York Review of Books.

Lights out?  At the NYT the Mind of Medina writes up the KIPP – union decertification story. This is a big deal because KIPP basically has some non-negotiables that they believe are integral to running highly effective schools.  The UFT apparently could not meet them.   Big implications from that in terms of the whole charter – union conversation.

Peterson recants!   Per this post, Paul Peterson has changed his views! But he thinks my cynicism to age ratio is out of whack.   Let’s hope he’s right.

Mile high: The Johnston teacher bill in Colorado seems to be picking up momentum.  Score one for RTT?

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  1. Hirsch does an admirable job of pointing out that students need to be educated into being community members. I suggest a Citizen Activist required course that would teach students about election process, corporate influence, how to participate in the process–even how to email political representatives. My college students know none of these things, and as someone who loves history, I find this distressing.

  2. I also found Hirsch pretty persuasive. Of course, I bought into the idea that education for citizenship should be our #1 goal a long time ago.

    Shelley, we actually do include a lot of what you are talking about in the Civics curriculum at our school, which all seniors must take. How many of them really internalize the info is anyone’s guess.

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