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  1. I’m a music teacher at an elementary school, grades preK through fifth. I live in Mississippi and right now our state government is takling about cutting some of the funds for education. As a matter of fact some cuts have already been made. I don’t know where this is going to leave us but, I do know that teaching is a very demanding job and teachers derseve to be paid well and not over worked and under paid. Some of my classes are already overcrowded. Sometimes I serve as many as fourty five students alone. What in the world am I suppose to do with a larger class. I just thank God that I’m able to handle this many kids by myself. Being at the elementary school does help because the little ones pretty much do what you say. B
    Treut it’s still unfair that teachers be over worked with overcrowded classes.
    I wonder if anybody has taken time to even consider the quality of education the children will be receiving. Or is it that they don’t care. Makes you wonder. I’m sure those elected officials can afford to send their kids to private schools. But what about the rest of the kids whose parents can’t. Don’t they deserve a quality education, too.
    Is it not their constitutional right as a citizen of the great United States of America.
    Teachers have enough problems dealing with regular size classes. Kids come to school with all sorts of drama and now that drama will be compounded. Children are exposed to some of everything and teachers have to deal with it. You would be surprised at what children come to school and tell their friends and teachers. We don’t have to ask not one question. They just start talking and the harder we try to stop them the more they talk. Sometimes teachers are their only listening ear.
    To get a good ides of what teachers deal with I think the policy makers should spend at least a month assisting a teacher. I’m sure they would gain a new respect for teachers and quick. I’m hoping they’ll change their minds before this thing goes into effect full force.

  2. My state is currently making painful budget cuts. Last year my county lost 22 positions, which for a large county that is not a lot, but for my small county it was very painful. It appears that unless the state releases more money we will again have to cut another 25 – 30 positions. Elementary schools will be the hardest hit. Our middle and high school are already at capacity.

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