Bloggy Echoes!

Paul Peterson offers a spirited, lively, and completely convincing defense against my suggestion that he’s changed his views on school choice. I yield!

Except, I never suggested that.  In fact I invited him to debate Diane Ravitch here on Eduwonk precisely because he hasn’t changed his mind and his new book is quite interesting on that front.

3 Replies to “Bloggy Echoes!”

  1. Who cares if he changed his mind about something increasingly irrelevant? Conservative education reform is built like their arguments against natural selection with spare parts contributed by organ donors.

    I’m beginning to like Dorn’s Frankenstein analogy more and more. The difference is that the monster was built from human parts intended to create a whole. The education Frankenstein’s monster has bits of duck, opossum, and bass.

  2. Not sure that NOT changing your mind after decades as new evidence emerges is a positive………………………..doesn’t that make things fossils?

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