Wow.  Awkward… The charter school started by Stanford’s ed school is indeed on the rocks. Previous posts on this here and here.

I’m getting a lot of schadenfreude emails.  And it’s hard to miss the irony.  Still, remember that there are kids involved here who deserve a lot better than this.  In other words, more depressing than amusing.

Update: Also ironic, I’m in New York City — where there are some outstanding charter schools by the way, a real success story that does not get enough attention — and missed the big NYT story on this. Makes all the attention today more understandable.

Also, speaking of CA and NY, if you moved CA’s charters to New York this entire conversation about the fiscal sustainability of charter schools would look radically different.

Update II: Locals Rule!  Check out Joanne Jacobs, too.

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  1. remember fair eduwonk readers – andy says, it’s “FOR THE KIDS” who deserve a lot better here.

  2. Palo Alto recently adopted Everyday Math. I’m wondering if Andy will ever getting around to acknowledging that curriculum matters; so do textbooks.

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