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  1. Thank you for your article. Unfortunately education is just another casualty that falls victim to political agendas. Although many conservatives do not like unions, they are designed to protect the rights of the employee. New Jersey does not seem to be immune to political fallout. The battle will continue over the power of the state’s educational system no matter who is elected governor. Whenever so much money is at stake it is almost certain that the fight will be a long one. Hopefully the students wont be the ones who pay the price.

  2. Thanks for posting that link, because I would have otherwise missed the reference to “the analysis posted on a Web site critical of the national teachers union,” whatever web site that might be.

  3. I’m always perplexed when teachers and their unions are accused of supporting the status quo. For years teachers have been asking for changes that are known to improve student achievement: health care, parent education, infant and toddler monitoring, highly qualified teachers (no six weeks of summer training), preschool for all at-risk children, developmentally appropriate instruction, small classes, librarians, nurses, music, art and P.E. classes and all those other goodies that children in private schools take for granted. I must say, the teachers of New Jersey have done an excellent job in supporting the children of their state. I still have fond memories of the time I transferred to a New Jersey school when I was in the fourth grade. I still remember how thrilled I was with the beautiful classrooms, the ample supplies and the kind and competent teachers. I didn’t know it then, but now I know they were among the highest paid in the nation.

    But American teachers face a continued battle against those citizens who basically don’t want to support other people’s children. That’s the real fight that’s being waged.

  4. The state of New Jersey has not made any payments, as required by law, into the teachers pension fund in ten years, with the exception of a few recent years when payments were made. Yet teachers have made their mandated payments, as have their school districts who employ them. But the state has not fulfilled its legal mandate to make their fair share payment. Our new governor is trying to shift the blame from the legislature to the teachers and their union (NJEA). I don’t understand how it is in the best interest of the Republicans or the Democrats to continue to default on pension payments. The bond ratings of the state will eventually drop. How is this helping New Jersey!?

  5. It seems that Governor Christie’s has things backwards. His goal seems to be to cut property taxes and obviously protect the state’s upper class. The result is an attack on unions, which include teachers, policeman, and firefighters. New Jersey has been found to have the best education system in the country and yet he wants to change everything. Many teaching positions and staff at public schools have been cut and class sizes next year will be larger across the state. Education is the root of our nation’s future. I can’t understand how he feels that cutting education will benefit our state or country’s future. A man who sends his own kids to private school schouldn’t be able to destroy a system that has been successful for so many students.

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