When They Came For The Filibuster…

In The New York Daily News Rob Saldin and I rise to the defense of the filibuster.  Punchline:  It’s not the problem, our broken political culture is.

One Reply to “When They Came For The Filibuster…”

  1. And how do we fix the broken culture? Are Republicans going to magically regain their sanity and care about actually doing things that help people instead of just proving their thesis that government doesn’t work? I suppose you will wave your magic wand. Give me a break. When party is run by fanatics, anything bipartisan will almost by definition be bad.

    This is just another bland piece of lame “centrism” that perpetuates the status quo with please for some mythical golden age of bipartisanship that never really existed anyway. I don’t think the Filibuster is Unconstitutional but it’s becoming bad for the country.

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