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Smarick with a smart post on Central Falls.  More context.  Other links on this below.

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  1. I only know Central Falls by what I’ve read in the media, but it seemed likely that there was more going on than a fight between the union and the superintendent. That’s only what always catches the media’s attention.
    Smarick’s article linking the problem to the charter school issue leads to the question constantly on my mind. What is it about those charter schools that make them “successful” that couldn’t be done by turning around the public high school? It’s all the union’s fault? Somehow the charter schools cost less per student? Teachers are willing to try anything to get away from low morale? I’d like to find out some answers.

  2. Most “successful” charter schools simply spin the data to make themselves look good. Once you dig into the student level data, you fnd that the charter schools recruit kids who are higher performing than the typical neighborhood kid, then filter those who don’t cut it.

    ANY school could be successful if they played by the rules that charters play by.

    But this DETAIL never gets mentioned by Andy and his tribe of “reformers” who see dollar signs at the end of the charter rainbow.

    Shame on those who push policies that hurt poor kids who don’t have parents that care enough to even apply to a charter school.

    I guess Andy and his friends would just as soon put such kids back on the plantation.

  3. Je pense qu’il devrait laisser Rob Russell a continué comme le leader de la tribu. En fin de compte, aura pour tenter de les amener à voter contre lui au large à une grande menace, puis Russell pouvez cliquer Slide

  4. Do you believe it is good policy to create 1.3 square mile school districts out of the poorest neighborhoods of metropolitan areas? Anyone serious about school reform should recognize that the Central Fall school district simply should not exist.

    The ProJo reported that no charter operators were interested in taking over the only high school in Central Falls. There is no place to transfer the kids to.

    I’m not aware of a single successful district of Central Fall’s demography and geography. I’m not aware of a single successful charter turnaround of a school like CFHS.

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