More Common?

If the only person WaPo’s Nick Anderson can find to critique the push for common standards on the record is Susan Ohanian, does that mean it’s close to a done deal?   That pierced my skepticism more than anything else in this process so far!

Update:  A commenter notes that the article linked above is not the front-pager on common standards.   The original link here and on the WaPo site now directs to a new article published 3/11, so here’s a link to the original.

2 Replies to “More Common?”

  1. Well, for one thing I couldn’t see any reference to Susan Ohanian in the story you link to, but maybe that’s me. Also, assuming I’m missing the reference, Jay Greene in his blog expresses skepticism over the Common Core standards, as do some of the commenters. But you must be speaking about national stds in general, not the Common Core standards; yeah, that must be it.

  2. Just goes to show you that education is a complex system and reformers are linear thinkers. What do you expect other than this sort of silly hand waving?

    I hope to confer acupuncture degrees next fall…

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