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Here is a doozy of a column from the Indy Star about a potential turnaround situation there…

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  1. Given the examiners are of a highly professional quality and they produce evaluations that are completely spot-on, how could the numbers of competent teachers be so similar? I wonder how much of that was theater and how much true.

  2. Highlights from the article:
    But the district has exacerbated the problem by failing to aggressively push problematic teachers through that process or implement an effective teacher evaluation system.
    Undoubtably due to the teachers.
    But I don’t appreciate the argument that we want bad teachers in the classroom.”
    Bennett says otherwise, but provides no evidence, nor does the reporter. They know.
    . Parents often fail to do their jobs, Michelle Rhee won’t like that.
    It would be a drastic step. And it’s not guaranteed to bring success to schools such as Manual, where many students come from home lives filled with dysfunction and carry academic problems that stretch back to long before high school.
    But something has to change. And although there are no panaceas in public education, a radical move such as a state takeover might be necessary for schools careening down roads pocked with low graduation rates and poor academic performance

    Ah, MIGHT, the favourite word of school “reformers” and their media followers.

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