Two To Watch

In Los Angeles the charter wave has hit a seemingly immovable  object:  Local teachers’ union driven politics.

Meanwhile, per the behind the scenes pushing and shoving on TFA funding, Congress seems to have wised-up to the timeline/logistics problem.  That’s going to be a potent argument given the number of states and cities where TFA operates now and that would be adversely affected if this shift is not made carefully.

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  1. seems to have wised-up to the timeline/logistics problem.
    They can make up a million by cutting their salaries in half.

  2. Even cut in half, TFA bosses make more than a teacher with a doctorate and years of experience in Central Falls High School.

  3. I’m happy to see the coverage of what’s happening in LA make it to the Eduwonk stage.

    With the diverse readership, I suspect we’ll have the usual good mix of people both in favor and against the board’s decisions regarding the Public School Choice Resolution and who gets to operate the specific schools in question.

    Regardless of anyone’s particular position though, I have 2 comments:

    1) The fact that there was a process for teachers within a school to make a proposal to attempt to make real change at their school is a step in the right direction.

    2) I think the pressure that outside operators might come in and attempt to do a better job running some chronically low-achieving schools definitely served as a catalyst for these schools to commit to trying some different things next year above and beyond what they would have been doing otherwise.

    In summary, whether a particular school was designated to be run by an outside group or back to the school’s existing staff for next year, the process and the pressure from outside groups has sparked some positive change to the system. The extent of this change remains to be seen.

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