Giving Too Many Points

In the education reform world if you don’t have a geographic or other tie to either team today’s game more or less boils down to Sarah Usdin v. Bart Peterson/David Harris

Depressing  Super Bowl stat:  None of the three cities involved in today’s game, Indianapolis, New Orleans, or Miami graduates more than six in ten high school students on-time.  Given the demographics of those cities you can see the magnitude and impact of these enormous dropout rates for minority and low-income students.

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  1. While graduation rates in NOLA may not be great, there is a sense of optimism and renewal presently that had been missing. Whether this equates to better test results and or better graduation rates remains to be seen. Yet, I can’t help but think that they are now on the right track in New Orleans. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take another natural disaster to encourage / motivate more of those in position to take part ownership in the success of their schools and children.

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