No Cattle?

Good thing the teachers’ unions in Texas are helping Governor Rick Perry protect Texas’ education system from those meddlesome feds and their efforts to lower quality…


Photo via Houston Press.

2 Replies to “No Cattle?”

  1. First, there are no teachers unions in Texas. Yes, AFT has a presence in Texas as an “association” but Texas is a right to work state and Texas teachers are not unionized. And AFT is far from the most influential teacher’s association in Texas. That would be ATPE (Association of Texas Professional Educators)

    Second, the idea that Rick Perry is a pro-Education governor is laughable. For example, last session he vetoed the Republican legislature’s biggest education bill that would have expanded pre-K offerings throughout the state. A bill with broad bipartisan support. Vetoed it because a Perry crony OZ systems was going to get cut out of the money stream and wouldn’t be allowed to force their products on districts.

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