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  1. It ought to be fine if the district could prove their demands were the only thing that can help students achieve gains.

    Unfortunately, you can haul in plenty of evidence that the demands are probably not sufficient to do the job without serious funding increases which aren’t apparent in the article.

    I wonder if the district’s attorney was on vacation? That sort of thing happens when you get a bunch of unsupervised administrators being self-congratulatory.

  2. In other RI news, Commissioner Gist has ordered the turnaround of Feinstein High School, an 88% economically disadvantaged school which on the 2009 NECAP’s (teaching year) has the top proficiency rates in reading, writing, and overall among the 10 Providence neighborhood high schools, beats the state averages in reading and writing for RI, NH and Vermont, and completely closes the income, black/white and hispanic/white achievement gaps in writing. As a result, most FHS students will be moved to a school with 34% lower reading and 44% lower writing proficiency rates on the latest tests.

    Just… wow.

  3. What is the timeframe and the stats one should look for to judge whether or not this method worked?
    50% graduation rate in June2011?
    30% graduation rate?
    Has Mrs. Gallo of Providence put these figures out yet?

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