Mile High

Some action on forced placements in Denver.  The sup’t there, Tom Boasberg may not be a household name (at least in eduwonky households) like the former sup’t, Michael Bennet, but he’s solid, as this issue demonstrates.   There is also a tie-in here to RTT.  Colorado is still debating some legislative changes around teacher quality policies.

Update:  More from The Denver Post (with a big call-out to State Senator Mike Johnston.)

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  1. I am glad that administrators are trying to place experienced and successful teachers in the neediest schools. For years the teachers with the least amount of experience were placed in challenging schools that required fully credentialed, successful teachers. Sadly, superintendents are still placing new teachers with six weeks of summer training in our urban schools today.

    Teachers and their associations have long demanded fully qualified teachers for every classroom. Perhaps now it will happen.

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