Learning Styles

Jay Mathews rounds up the latest “debate” about learning styles*.   But this whole teleprompter/notes “debate” about President Obama and Sarah Palin raises a question in a related vein:  Why do we  prioritize some kinds of intelligence over others in how we view people.  For instance, why is being able to speak well extemporaneously better than speaking well after some preparation and using notes?   Consider athletics, aren’t there athletes you admire because they out-hustle everyone else not because they were simply born for it?

*With a bonus “everybody knows” meme.

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  1. Because we value people who care enough and feel strongly enough about issues to remember what they are talking about and speak honestly from the heart.

    We excuse the President because he has a big job and can’t care about everything. We “tsk-tsk” Palin because her tactic allows her bone up on an issue and attack, but she evidently fails to care enough to remember what should be easy to remember.

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