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As anyone with Internet access could tell from all our whining, it snowed a lot in DC the past week.   Around the eduhouse we pass the time while snowed-in by cooking.  So this seems the perfect week to mention a good way to support teachers and have a good time:  Have a bottle of Matthews Estate’s Blackboard Syrah with a good meal.

Matthews Estate is a Washington State winery.  Well known for some great blends, several of its varietals, and in particular its syrahs, are increasingly getting noticed.   What makes this wine relevant for 


education types is that 25 percent of the proceeds from the Blackboard Syrah go to the Ackerly Foundation, which partners through the University of Washington College of Education to support teacher training at 24 schools.   There are four partners at Matthews and two of them have a direct tie to education.  That’s where the idea for this wine came from.

So how’s the wine?  We tasted the 2007, the first year for this wine.  This isn’t some throwaway, as some benefit wines are.  If you like syrahs you won’t be disappointed as this is a big one with good structure.  After you pull the glass plug you’ll notice a great nose, berries and very smokey and the wine is smooth on the palette and finishes with a terrific deep earthy and smokey berry finish. It’s a rustic taste and the wine stands up to game.  If  you’re into venison or duck you can’t do much better as a pairing and it likes decanting.  If you’re in a state where wine can be shipped, order online, otherwise inquire at your local wine store. 

And if you know of any other wineries with education related wines or wines that benefit education please let me know.

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