Discussion of charter schools on today’s Kojo Nnamdi show.  One issue that came up, and still needs a lot more work, is this issue of special education.

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  1. How about the issue that the “high-performing” charters that everyone hears about don’t have low-performing kids apply. And, moreover, many kids leave such schools (as many as 40% over a 3 year time span in middle school) and the ones who leave have lower levels of achievement than the ones who stay. The difference in achievement between stayers and leavers is around 1 standard deviation. And they don;t teach special ed or ELL kids. And they spend more money per pupil.

    So, if we model policy after them, we should tell schools to:
    (1) allow in only high performing kids; (2) push the lower performing kids out; (3) don’t serve the hard-to-teach kids; (4) spend greater amounts of money per pupil, especially on central administration; and (5) spin the data and work the PR strategy to get more money.

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