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I’m still working my way through Diane Ravitch’s new book but Kahlenberg is apparently already finished.   He likes it!  No specific word on what Shanker thought of it…

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  1. Interesting read! I’ve always appreciated Ravich’s refusal to be placed in a “camp” and her insistence on thinking for herself. I may not have agreed with her or her ideas but I never ceased respect for her. Ideologues of one camp or the other seem to dominate education lately–and that ideology seems sadly linked to money. In that sense, I too put lots of blame on foundations such as Broad and Gates that come with money and shifting ideology in hand and are too warmly greeted by schools and districts and charter school networks. And I blame us–the citizens–are are too willing to smash the social contract that supports good schools for ready cash. Shame on them–shame on us.

  2. disagree with almost everything she writes these days, but (as blogged) appreciated her history lesson national standards in QC report. Looking forward to your review.

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