As Goes Montgomery County?

Wow.  If the NEA can’t hide in Montgomery County Maryland, where are they safe?  This is supposed to be one of those places that shows that the critics are all wrong…

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  1. This editorial is another sack of crap from Jo-Ann Armao, educational editorial writer for the Post who is very thin-skinned (ask Bill Turque).
    As I commented at the Post, she could have saved her fingers and our eyes by typing “KILL TEACHER UNIONS”
    It would be as intellectual honest as her editorial.
    (And oh, what has one to say about this ball of wisdom:
    including a 23 percent pay raise for a typical teacher over the past three years,)

    Reminds me of the Communist Party of America lamenting not being a recipient of “Moscow Gold.”

  2. Post to your group or blog and tune into NBC Washington’s News4 at 5pm to hear about this interesting story.

    A Montgomery County teacher had school security escort a 13-year old boy from the classroom for refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance. The mother of the middle school student says her son is too traumatized to return to school, and all kinds of people are weighing in on this one. More on News4 at 5.

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