More Race Handicapping

Florida’s Race to the Top application is sparking some buzz and what went down in Michigan caught some eyes, too.   Now in New York the commissioner there, David Steiner, has put forward an ambitious set of ideas intended to breath some life into the educationally moribund legislature there.  Recall that reformer Sam Hoyt’s bill was basically declared DOA.  But since then the reality that this thing may not be wired for New York has set in.  Keep an eye on that. 

Also, Louisiana, a state long considered a top tier candidate, is putting together what looks like a strong plan.  A lot of excitement from reformy types in the state.

And watch the legislative action in CO.

Update:  It’s one step forward one step back in Michigan…

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  1. Don’t forget Tennessee — our Governor has called a special session of the legislature for next week to make tenure/evaluation changes (to include student achievement data) as well as some other changes in anticipation of our RTTT application being filed. I’ve written about it a bit, but from what I’m hearing around here, we’re putting together a pretty good package.

    Here’s some links as to what’s going on:
    From my blog:;;
    The Tennessean:;

  2. I wonder if states that are getting help from management consulting firms to put together their applications will do better on RtTT. Always interesting to see how private sector/public sector partnerships work out.

    Does anyone know if Mass Insight — the group that recently snatched up DCPS staffer Justin Cohen — is advising on RtTT? Seems like they’d be in a good position to do so…

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