Minding The Gap

Important Ed Trust analysis on achievement gaps and implications for RTT (pdf).

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  1. I love the way that the Ed Trust’s analyses tend to be contradicted by the evidence they present.

    They claim (for political purposes?) that D.C. closed the Gap, but their charts show that the African American gap only closed by 3 points in 4th grade reading and 4th grade math. The 8th grade scores weren’t available. (and given the district’s demography those numbers come from small numbers of Whites.)

    More significantly, the Low income to High Income gap increased by 5 points, 3 points, ten points, and six points.

    Sounds like gentrification.

  2. Jonathan Kozol spoke at my organization’s (College For Every Student [CFES]) national conference and this key issue was the focus of his speech.

    The performance gap has reached its widest since Brown v. Board of Education… and only dedicated teachers and education professionals can fight this trend.

    At CFES, we work to close that gap. The numbers haven’t been published yet, but Gulf County, FL, where we work with all six schools, had the highest minority graduation and college-going rates of any district in the entire state. Progress is possible, and the model is there. It’s just implementing it that is the problem.

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