3 Replies to “Race To The Top…”

  1. For those of us who aren’t fluent in snark, please explain what you mean by your comment.

  2. i think what he means is that the list looks like almost every state meaning so much for competition based on states who the most progressive with policy reforms (i.e., carrot and stick approach whittling the list down to those state)… seems not to be the case

  3. In all the talk of Race to the Top’s $4.5 billion dollars, I’ve been puzzled– where’s any mention of the $12 billion dollars that’s being added to special eductation? Where’s any talk of reforming special ed before all these new dollars are added to a 30-year-old system in need of reform and accountability?

    Hmmmmm, $4.5 billion vs. $12 billion–why the focus only on the smaller number?

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