Race And Jobs

Today’s NYT story on race and employment is important reading and disparate employment/unemployment rates among similarly educated people  are an obvious concern.  But, concern about that issue should not cause us to lose sight of the power of education in the American economy:  Despite the issue The Times raises, overall you’re still much better off with more education.  This Ron Haskins report from Brookings shows the power of education for social mobility.

2 Replies to “Race And Jobs”

  1. I agree that more education is better, however, as an autodidact, i have to say that learning within an institution is absolutely not all you need in life.

  2. I understand how these men feel. I am an African American female, college educated and certified to teach. My over the phone interviews are excellent, but when I come in the office for a face to face interview, the excitement level has truly dropped by then. But it is something that our country has to work on, treating everyone equally.

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