Creating A New Teaching Profession

The much anticipated book with that title and edited by Jane Hannaway and Dan Goldhaber is now out.  You can read an overview here.   It’s like Dan Brown, just without symbols, and uses some of the exact same words you’ll find in works by Malcom Gladwell, Michael Lewis, Sarah Palin, and other bestselling authors!  Plus, it makes a perfect stocking stuffer.   (Disc. – I have a chapter in it but don’t get paid from royalties so go ahead and buy it).

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  1. This article speaks truth in many facets. I have begun my fifth year of teaching and I have seen teachers come and then the next year leave due to the stress and many demands forced on staff. Not to mention, long-term substitute teachers that are in front of students teaching them whatever, when they don’t have any type of background in that particular subject area. I mean it’s ridiculous. How are we to prepare 21st century learners under those types of circumstances?

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