RTT, Badgering Brill, Contests, Plus Edujobs!

Progressive Fix, the relaunched PPI website, agrees that the readers are now the ballgame on Race to the Top.   Hanushek offers ideas for the next ESEA.  And a New York teacher goes after Steven Brill for the now famous New Yorker piece — because it wasn’t rough enough!

Here’s a competition for business plans for education ventures being sponsored by the Graduate School of Education at Penn.   And I tweet just for leisure but you can tweet for cash:  Here’s a competition, via Twitter, to give a teacher $1K.   Tweet your favorite teacher’s name, school, subject, city, and state plus #MyTeacherMyHero.  Teacher with the most tweets gets a grand for classroom needs.  More 411 here.

Education Trust needs a director of teacher quality.  College Board wants state GR people.

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