Health Care, EduJobs, and Changing Tastes? (But Not On HQT!)

Kati Haycock takes on the new ARRA reporting requirements.   And she has a point.  Transparency has its limitations anyway, weak definitions compound that.   The “highly qualified teacher” language in federal law has been so watered down as to be completely devoid of meaning.

Some obvious education implications from this Times Mag story on health care.   

This looks like a great job in the Minneapolis Public Schools (Office of New Schools).

And, last month in the WSJ Richard Whitmire and I noted that media tastes were changing in terms of how teachers’ unions were viewed.   Interestingly, neither The Times nor the WaPo ed pages thought much of the recent New Haven teachers’ contract agreement.   The WaPo weighed-in on that today (and called out Secretary Duncan on the stalled DC teachers’ contract talks).

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  1. I saw New Haven and wondered why the WASHINGTON Post the opining about that city.
    Maybe it was the firefighters again.

    But as soon as I read the first paragraph, I knew St. Michelle Rhee, the Braveheart of education “reform” would make her appearance.

    And Jo Ann Armao did not fail me.

    The Post and Jo Ann have so much riding on Michelle that they will burnish her apple even after it has fallen into the privy.

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