What does it mean?  Short answer is that rough off-year elections for Dems don’t bode well for No Child Left Behind (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) reauthorization.  Only complicates the already tortuous politics because you’re going to have a lot of skittish Dems who either are, or think they are, in marginal seats.  They want accomplishments to run on, but want to keep their seats even more!   Look for more emboldened special interest groups in that environment.

Toss in the delays on health care and all the oxygen Race to the Top is sucking up, and it’s a tough line-up for ESEA.

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  1. Have to disagree here. Corzine had it coming. Virginia is maybe a sign, but so too, is NY-23. It’s wrong to generalize about off-year elections when the results are so mixed. So-called “skittish Dems” can either play to win, or play not to lose. The public wants results, and addressing education is one of the most pressing issues in this still struggling economy. Playing not to lose, will mean losses in 2010. Delivering the goods, will secure seats.

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