Data On Data

New Data Quality Campaign report on where the states are on data (pdf).  Good news is some progress but still some glaring holes (for instance linking student and teacher data).  And as the report points out, gathering data and using it are two different things.

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  1. Great presentation of the data. The visual maps are easy to read and present the information in a concise manner. Kathy Wall

  2. Data does help us see and compare student achievement but I feel like at times we are overwhelemed by it with too much data that we are not sufficient as we could be if just enough data was given to us. Data, however, has definetly helped me within my classroom because it has allowed me to focus on individulaized student needs.

  3. Great article! I will definitely be able to use this info when preparing professional development for teachers at the schools that I serve. The information is easy to read and helps us to see the big picture rather than only our district or state.

  4. Sandra you made a great point. Sometimes it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of data that we are given. It can be hard to focus on the information beneficial to students. Data has helped me within my classroom by allowing me to focus on individual student abilities.

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