Big Citizen On The Move? -Updated-

Social entrepreneur Alan Khazei is gaining momentum in the MA Senate race.

Update:  Boston Globe endorses Khazei.

3 Replies to “Big Citizen On The Move? -Updated-”

  1. I read the Rasmussen article to which you’ve linked. Where, exactly, does it say Khazei has momentum? He’s tied for third, far behind the frontrunner, and has unfavorable ratings equal to the other candidates. Momentum?

  2. Here’s what the Boston Phoenix said:

    “But the big news in the Rasmussen poll clearly is Khazei, who emerges from single digits to catch the zillion-dollar man [Pagliuca]. That’s forward movement; that’s what we punditry scribes like to see.

    Khazei has, according to this poll, gotten into the game even though 22% don’t know enough about him to rate him fav/unfav. That’s more room to grow than the other candidates.”

    Pagliuca is dropping; Coakley and Capuano have stalled, and Khazei only has to get to 2nd place to force a run-off, at which point the whole game changes.

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