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A hearty thank you to the blogging Hassels for some outstanding guestblogging while I was away. 

Be sure to check out some of these goings-on around the education space that accumulated while I was out of pocket:

At Penn State they’re documenting the experience of returning veterans who are furthering their education.  Delaware today just named Rodel Foundation’s Paul Herdman one of 14 to watch for leadership in the state (pdf).  Here’s an update on some of the education reform work in Delaware (pdf).

CRPE takes a look at the portfolio approach in action (pdf).

In LA the Inner City Education Foundation continues to expand its footprint.     Meanwhile, Bill Cosby and Don Cheadle are cutting PSA’s for ICEF (you can listen through the links).  A new film and resource site on teen depression— an important and under-reported issue.  Jumpstart’s “Read for the Record” just happened for 2009, check it out and put a tickler in your calender for next year.

Former Indy Mayor Bart Peterson takes a must-read look at entreprenurialism and education reform (pdf) — through his own experience and work in Indy.  

In Boston they’re still trying to skewer TFA, or use TFA to skewer the district.  All this over less than 20 TFA teachers?  Speaks volumes.

The Department of Education seems to be trying to reform ed schools by giving lots of money to ed schools.  OK, but what about all the non-profits that are showing some new ways to do this?

And here’s some Mercedes Sosa.

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