When I Wish Upon A Star…

While lots of people are screaming Bush III about the Obama education policy (Clinton IV or Bush V would be more accurate) EPI analyst Richard Rothstein lays out all the reasons Ed Sec. Arne Duncan is really poised to radically change the direction of federal education policy and throw-out the No Child Left Behind policy.  Then he acknowledges that, well, Duncan’s major policy calls to date have mostly been at odds with that sentiment…

Still, Richard can actually read minds so at some level this take on Duncan should be worrisome to reformers!

2 Replies to “When I Wish Upon A Star…”

  1. your words: too oppositional for me, and i’m a big fan. and reading the Rothstein piece, it’s not as clear to me that he’s renegged on the original statement as it is to you. just wish you edu-guys could devote more time to highlighting the 90% of content and policy that you agree on, rather than the 10% of nuance that you disagree on(which isn’t always that important, in the end.) i think you made this case re public charters well – please try to do it elsewhere.

  2. I think its important that we get the federal government out of this and start leaving education up to the states. All of these policies that come out are really hurting our kids.

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