Two On Teachers

Some news on teacher tests from MA.  And The Times looks at alternate routes.

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  1. Interesting–to claim that gaining a masters in education is proof of competence in teaching is to ignore the sad reality of schools of education. In many cases a degree–even a masters or even EDD and PhDs–is proof of endurance and ability/willingness to pay for a certificate. When universities lack professionalism and focus on completion rather than quality, it only makes sense that their graduates will reflect that perspective. Arthur Levine’s on target and ignored analysis of schools of ed paints a pretty accurate picture of the institutions that produce many of those questionable degrees. What say we start looking at and regulating those institutions BEFORE they push the products of their degree mills into classrooms, schools, districts, and even DOE???

  2. I think the judges words ring true.
    “Society would be better served for plaintiffs to ameliorate their scholastic deficiencies, rather than to seek to undermine the standards of a profession most essential to the vitality of a nation’s culture,’’

    The degree mills that are out there providing teacher’s with master’s degrees-in many areas of education are a problem-but it is seemingly what the system almost demands-or what the student wants—the requirement of a Master’s degree puts pressure on the student to continue their education in the quickest and easiest way they see-rather than for the extension of their learning.

    not ALL school’s of ed are bad, and I believe it is a smaller portion than JSP believes, but, many bad programs are hurting viable schools of education because they have low standards. Online programs, weekend programs in the school, summer programs…alternative routes that do not require any clinical practice…

    Schools of Education are highly regulated already!!! A lot more than many other Colleges or disciplines at the University level-State Boards of Education provide significant and prescriptive guidelines to education departments in many states-guidelines that too often hinder excellent, research based teaching.

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